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Terms and Privacy

Terms and Privacy

Terms and Conditions 2011:  Disclaimer /copy rights

For the purpose of this document “the company” and “CResults Australia Pty. Ltd.” are to be read as being the same.
A retail customer is deemed to be a person or entity holding an ABN and purchasing wholesale on an auto ship. 
All auto ship customers are required to abide by the terms and conditions as set out in the order forms and application form to remain eligible to have a wholesale auto ship account. 
We believe it is important to maintain dignity, integrity and respect between the company and consumer.  The company wishes to protect its reputation and image and contribute to the growing belief and understanding of quality and standards in retail industry.
These policies maybe amended from time to time as the company deems appropriate without prior notice.
A breach of these policies may result in the company suspending any further wholesale supply in the future.
Customers are expected to:
Conduct themselves with honesty and respect for the company and other customers 
A customer becomes active only after signing the required documentation and application form and after the company has approved the application form in writing
After the company accepts the application the customer must abide by the policies as set out on the application form
A customer may not participate in the development of any other customers and business of the company other than his/her own
A person under the age of 18 years may not be a company customer without parental approval. The customer must contact the company for appropriate forms prior to signing any such Agreements or Applications
Customers must comply with all regulations under the guide lines of Cosmetics, the TGA and Health and Safety practices when conducting all business with customers
Customers must abide by the company’s 60 day guarantee
Inform the company promptly of any complaints in respect of customer’s needs to assure quality products and service
All order forms should be of current date
Represent the company with appropriate presentations of products, advertising material and sales aids. All displays are to be clean, neat and tidy and presented per the company’s suggested plan a gram whenever available
Customers agree to abide by all training guidelines as provided by the company
No customer will mislead or make claims about any company products that are not endorsed by the company
A customer must not make any verbal or written medical, therapeutic or curative claims about the company’s skincare products or associated products
A customer must have permission in writing from the company for any advertising or any forms of publicity. The customer should provide three weeks prior notice to the company
Logos, Trade Marks and Brand Names can only be used after written approval from the company
A customer can only use the company’s aids and marketing materials for selling the company’ products.


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