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Skin Care Kit

For sensitive and irritated skin.

Perfect for Acne & Acne Rosacea

This pack includes:

  • Clarifying Cleanser - This is a delicious, creamy cleanser rich in Manuka Oil & Australian lemon scented Tea tree. It is excellent for acne prone skins; to reduce the signs of acne and reduce further break outs.
  • Moisturising Protective Day Cream - This rich fine cream is non greasy, no oil slick on your skin in the afternoon caused by many products that stimulate oil glands, leaving your skin moist, supple and firm.
  • Hydrating Renewal Cream - An advanced skin care cream with 14% Certified Organic 12+ Manuka Honey to hydrate and rejuvenate deep in the epidermis, replenishing with revitalising ingredients.
  • Manuka Makeover Mask - An affordable active beauty treatment. Your skin looks fresh, clear and healthy. The Manuka Honey reduces the signs od ageing, marks and discolouration and pigmentation changes.
  • Also comes with full instruction manual.

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