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Summer Repair Pack

All you need for summer skin

All these creams are rich in pure, certified active, organic Manuka Honey

Hydrating Renewal Cream to: Repairs, hydrates and rejuvenates sun damaged skin. If you have over done it in the sun, apply Hydrating Renewal cream over the area effected when the sun goes down and again before bed. You will not believe the releif your skin will get from this cream. Apply again next day and night. 

Moisturising Protective Day cream: add extra Manuka Honey and water to your skin for that moist, soft, new skin feel. This day cream is very moisturising and easy to wear with or with out make up.

Gentle Cleanser: A gentle, creamy cleanser to calm and cool the skin, made with a combination of Vitamin E, Aloe, Kakadu Plum extract rich in Vitamin C and Certified UMF 12+ organic MANUKA HONEY to balance and hydrate. Removes excess oil, make up and impurities without drying or fatiguing the skin.

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