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Manuka Honey Makeover Mask 100 mls tube.

Makeover Mask 100mls Tube

  • Reduces the signs of ageing
  • Reduces Couprose  (red Skin)
  • Reduces the effects of Acne Rosacea
  • Excellent on sensitive skin types 
  • Aids to heal acne, reduces acne scarring
  • Excellent to relieve the discomfort of eczema , psorisis, dermatitis and other skin disorders 


Affordable, active beauty treatment. Your skin looks fresh, clear and healthy. The Manuka Honey reduces the signes of aging marks discolouration and pigmentation changes.

Skin clear of pigmentation and dark blemishes always looks younger and healthier.

Rich in 20% pure Manuka Honey this night cream mask is proving to reduce pigmentation changes and balancing colour skin variations

Aids to reduce the discomfort of acne , acne roscea,

Aids water to heal and moistrise the skin.

This is a rejuventing mask that is completely absorbed by your skin while you're sleeping.

20% pure, organic, certified active manuka honey in a mask.

While you sleep you skin is resting and able to absorb the benefits of manuka honey, to generate healthy, firmer stronger skin cells.

A creamy mask you apply after cleansing your skin and wear to bed. This is a natural, creamy honey mask. While you’re resting this active mask repairs damaged skin, fights bacteria that relates to Acne, Acne Rosacea and other skin disorders, replenishes the skin with water and gives your skin a calmer, healthy, smoother, clearer skin. Large quantities of pure honey reduce and fade pigmentation changes in the skin . 

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