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Hydrating Renewal Cream


A very rich, effective night cream.  Hydrating Renewal Cream can also be used as a day cream for very dry, dehydrated and damaged skin.

Highly recommended for sensitive skin.

Excellent repair cream for after sun or irritable skin disorders.

Highly recommended for acne, acne rosecea, couprose and sensitive skins

An advanced skincare cream with tested, 14% Certified  12+ organic Manuka Honey to hydrate and rejuvenate deep in the epidermis, replenishing with revitalising ingredients. The skin feels moist, firm and softer.
Directions: After cleansing the skin, pat dry. Apply as a day or night moisturiser, gently compress the cream onto the skin (do not rub into the skin) wait a moment and the skin will completely absorb natures ingredients.

This cream is highly recommended for men, especially people who work out side.

Do not rub this cream into the skin. CResults creams are completely compatible with the skins structure, simply press the cream over the surface of the skin and allow a few moments for the skin to absorb this very active and moisturising cream.

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