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Moisturising Protective Day Cream

A gentle day cream suitable for sentsitive skins. Highly moisturising with Manuka Honey

Recommended for sensitive skins. Only use small amounts, compress onto the skin and wait a few moments for this natural product to be absorbed.

This rich, fine cream is non greasy, no oil slick on your skin in the afternoon caused by many products that stimulate oil glands, leaving your skin moist, subtle and firm.

Excellent under make up. Protects and repairs your skin correcting minor blemishes and sun damage.

With 10% Certified  12+ organic Manuka Honey, and Australian Kakadu Plum with Vit C to aid collagen and cell growth. CResults Moisturising Protective Day Cream provides a daily balance of nutrition, retarding oily secretion and dry patches. Gentle enough for skins exhibiting signs of eczema, psoriasis and heightened sensitivity.
Directions: After cleansing the skin, pat dry. Apply as a day or night moisturiser, gently compress the cream onto the skin (do not rub into the skin) wait a moment and the skin will completely absorb natures ingredients.

Note: Do not rub this cream into the skin. CResults creams and Manuka honey products are completely compatible with the structure of the skin . Simply press over the skin and a allow a moment for the skin to absorb this gentle, active Manuka honey cream.

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