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Clarifying Cleanser

This is a delicious, creamy cleanser rich in Manuka Oil & Australian lemon scented tea tree, excellent for acne prone skins to reduce the signs of acne and reduce further break outs.

This product isa skin treatment and suitable for sensitive, dry skin

Calms, relieves the itchy and sore effects of acne skin.


Clarifying Cleanser; (available in Clarifying Skincare Packs)

Use morning and night.

Acne regime and products available on download.

This gentle, active cleanser is a combinaton of Australian lemon scented tea tree and New Zealand Manuka oil combined with Active Manuka Honey.

The synergising of these two oils produces the pink colour and natural fragrance. Although gentle and easy to use this product is very effective on acne and other skin disorders.

Refreshing, rich natural botanical extracts and Manuka Honey to cleanse the most delicate skin. Perfect for blemished, acne prone, problem skins, it cleanses the black congestion in the skins pores, refines open pores and maintains the natural pH balance.
Directions: Use damp fingers to gently massage the face with CResults Clarifying Cleanser to release impurities and excessive oils. Remove with warm water and pat dry. Repeat if necessary to remove deep impurities and make up.


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