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Active Pack

Active Pack Save 5% on skincare packs  (with NEW 50ml Manuka Honey Makeover Cream Mask) 

All you need for a complete skin care regime for day and night.

Suitable for all skin types including sensitive skins

CResults Gentle Cleanser, Exfoliant, Moisturising Protective Day Cream, Hydrating Renewal Cream, Eye Cream and our Signature Manuka Honey Facial Mask, this pack is the absolute best for all round care and nurture for your skin.

Morning :  Cleanse with Gentle Cleanser rinse off and pat dry

                  Gently press eye cream around the eye area (do not rub in)

                  Compress Moisturising Protective Day Cream over the skin.

Night:        Cleanse with Centle Cleanser rinse off and pat dry.

                  Gently apply Eye Cream .

                  Compress Hydrating Renewal Cream over the skin.

Twice a week:

                   Cleanse the skin with Gentle Cleanser then apply a little Exfoliant and gently massage over the skin.

                   Rinse off with warm water and pat dry.

                   Apply (do not rub in) a small amount of Manuka Honey Makeover Mask over the skin go to bed. Your skni will absorb all the goodness of Manuka honey and complimentary creams to mend and repair your skin reducing the signs of aging.


                   Apply a little Eye Cream around the eye area and across the top lip (this aids to delay the signs of aging above

                   the top lip.

                  Apply Hydrating Renewal Cream.

For a little extra treament :

                 Also apply Soothing Lip Butter

While you're asleep let Manuka Honey and nature rejuvenate and repair your skin.

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