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AAA Starter Pack

Starter Pack - Save 5 % on Skin care packs (with NEW 50ml Manuka Honey Makeover Cream Mask) 


Save when you purchase in packs.

Four of the most effective, rich Manuka Honey skin care products:
CResults Gentle Cleanser, ExfoliantMoisturising Protective Day Cream and our Hydrating Renewal Cream, this kit is the perfect pack for starting your new skin care regime.

Morning :  Cleanse with Gentle Cleanser wash off with warm water. Pat dry

                  Gently compress Moisturising Protective Day Cream into the skin.

Night :      Cleanse with Gentle Cleanser, wash off with warm water. Pat dry

                 Gently compress Hydrating Renewal Cream into the skin.

Two or three times a week:  Before going to bed clean any make up or daily grime off with Gentle Cleanser followed by a  little exfoliant mixed with water. Gently massage over the skin.  Rinse off and pat dry.

Spread (do not rub in) a thin cover of HYdrating Renewal CReam and leave on the skin go to bed.

Add to your pack, Eye Cream and Manuka Makeover Mask to complete the regime.

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