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Spring Pack

Save $25 on this spring pack

This spring you can prepare your skin for summer after a long winter the skin become conjested and often oily.

This pack is designed to cleanse prpepare , heal and moisturise the skin on your face hands , legs and feet 

1 x Gentle Cleanser

1 x Exfoliant for a deep cleanse and the circultion to make younger looking healthier cells., polish the new skin

1 x Moisturising Protective Day Cream a light Manuka Honey moisturiser to refresh, repair and soften

1 x "M": hand cre4am with a gentle fragrance to enhance the rich Manuak Honey cream for hands . legs and feet.

All these products prepare and deliver beauitful soft, smooth , healthy skin ready for summer fashions.

$141.95 Qty :