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Gentle Cleanser

Gentle Cleanser a delicious, creamy, gentle cleanser suitable for all skin types and  sensitive skin disorders.

Designed for sensitive skins, moisturising , gentle and effective 

Gentle Cleanser (available in Starter and Activity Skincare packs). Gentle enough to use on all skin types and disorders.

Use morning and night.

This cleanser moisturisers and soften the skin while deeply cleansing congested pores. Australian Kakadu Plum extract rich in Vit.C to aid and repair new cell growth.

A gentle, creamy cleanser to calm and cool the skin, made with a combination of Vitamin E, Aloe, Kakadu Plum extract rich in Vitamin C and Certified UMF 12+ organic MANUKA HONEY to balance and hydrate. Removes excess oil, make up and impurities without drying or fatiguing the skin.
Directions: Use damp fingers to gently massage the face with CResults Gentle Cleanser to release impurities and excessive oils. Remove with warm water and pat dry. Repeat if necessary to remove deep impurities and make up.

Excellent for sensitive and reactive skin types.  Gentle enough for gentlemen to shave with leaving the skin, soft, moisturised and healthy. No more after shave burn. Follow with Hydrating Renewal Cream to restore and repair the skins surface and hydration.


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