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Why Manuka Honey fights aging, anti-aging, sensitive skin, acne rosacea

Why Manuka Honey fights aging.

July 10, 2014

Manuka Honey on your skin, 24 hours a day can repair and keep it healthier and looking younger.

Manuka Honey, by itself, is not a very comfortable product to wear or easy use on your skin, what if there was a unique Manuka Honey cream that worked with all of the benefits of fresh honey but was compatible with your skin and lifestyle?

CResults Manuka Honey Skincare is unique. It is the only product designed with large amounts of Active, Cold Pressed Organic 12 Manuka Honey as the core ingredient, as much as 20% of a 100 ml tube of cream. Manuka Honey is proven effective for skin disorders such as Acne Rosacea, while being low allergy, low irritant and complimentary to skin cells.

Your skin is vulnerable to a range of destructive elements; UV, heat, cold, wind and chemicals that eat away at the natural healthy oils and repair mechanisms nature provided.  When the skin is damaged, it ages quicker.  Cells have to quickly reproduce themselves to replace damaged skin. If the new cells cannot reproduce in a healthy environment, they break down on the skin creating an aging appearance.

CResults Manuka honey products provide a healthy environment for cellular production, reducing damaging bacteria and adding water. Adding water to the skin is one of the most important factors towards fighting the signs of agin but simply drinking water is not enough to moisten the external skin cells, they must be plumped up by a topical application and it is water that fills your surface skin cells and keeps them looking full and wrinkle free.

Keep it simple - use products that add water:

Manuka Honey is a natural humectant, meaning it is hygroscopic and has the ability to attract and hold water  molecules  from the surrounding environment


Gentle Cleansers: After cleaning your skin it should feel moist and soft not dry and tight..

A Day Cream should be moisturising without being greasy.  CResults Moisturizing Protective Day Cream was designed with this in mind. This cream is easily applied and makeup will stay on longer and fresher, with no oil slick over your face at the end of the day. This cream puts Manuka Honey on your skin, healing, protecting and aiding to repair damaged aging skin.


A Night Cream should be a little thicker, but not oily. CResults Hydrating Renewal cream is rich in Manuka Honey and aids the skin to reduce the signs of aging while you sleep.  A Manuka Honey cream that repairs environmental damage and aiding to regenerate healthy younger, stronger skin cells.

An Eye Cream is an essential, fine repair cream with Manuka Honey and Arnica to reduce dark circles and the signs of aging and fine lines around the eyes. The product also has the addition of a rare herb, Yarrow, from South America, a natural form of sun screen.

For Skin Problems that need healing and repairing - 

Manuka Honey Make Over Mask with 20% organic Manuka Honey, designed to make honey user friendly with all the benefits of Manuka Honey.